Lisa Lo
Lisa Lo

Lisa Lo

Lisa Lo is currently a full time student majoring in Design at UC Davis. She is an enthusiastic student of fashion design and loves everything that has to do with it.

Lisa emigrated to the United States from Taiwan in 2009. Growing up with both cultures inspired her to be passionate about bringing out the cross-cultural aspects of clothing apparel. 

Through the practice of combining different cultural elements, she is able to draw her inspiration from diverse areas. She creates innovative designs through the her artwork, by using textiles with a variety of textures and patterns and infusing them with her own style and creativity.



Red dress-Open-Hearted
-Featured on the UCD department of Internal Medicine's website
-Presented for the 2016 fashion show at the 11th Annual Women's Heart Care Forum
-Presented for the 2016 UCD Zenith fashion show                              -Showcased at the Downtown Davis 2017(red dress collection at 204 E St. and 623 Second St. )

Signature collection- Hakka Metamorphosis
-Presented at the 2016 UCD Zenith fashion show
-Presented at the SFA Wanderlust fashion show                                 -Presented at the Sacramento Fashion Week Spring/Summer Collection 2017                                                                                   -Showcased at the ITAA exhibition in Vancouver

Wearable Technology-Enlighten
-Selected to exhibit at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles in August to October, 2016


2016-2017 FADS Co-President

Fashion and Design Society